I’m a Software Engineer by trade and a Physicist-Economist by education, from the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m passionate about system architecture, scalability and highly available distributed systems. Interested in RPC frameworks, cluster schedulers, and build/deployment tools.

I’ve been mainly obsessed with Scala for the past few years. I’ve also drank the TDD kool-aid and have put a lot of effort into end-to-end testing. More recently I’ve been putting a lot of thought into build tools and deployment.

I work at DVTel Zemingo Wix Facebook and mainly code in C# PHP JavaScript HTML/CSS/SASS Scala and Java.

Previously founded Ginipic and SpiderPic (the former sold to Messenger Plus!). I make open source software, mostly for Scala and sbt.

Disclaimer: Opinions My Own


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This Site

In case you’re wondering, this site is running Jekyll – a simple and lightweight static site generator – being served by nginx, and is hosted on DigitalOcean. All posts are written in Markdown. You can check out the Jekyll sources here. I use Ansible to manage the server, and you can see how I do that here.

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