GitHub Color Scheme for IntelliJ

I love GitHub. I use it to manage all my personal projects (see my post on multiple users with Git), as well as for browsing other libraries. I like it so much that I even sometimes prefer using it for browsing source code that’s locally on my machine.

Because I use it so much, I’ve grown accustomed to it’s color scheme, especially for Scala and Java. I tried to find a color scheme for IntelliJ that uses those colors with GitHub’s style, but couldn’t find one. That’s why I created the intellij-github-scheme. Check it out if you like GitHub’s colors. Also, if you choose to use it and find any errors/add support for other languages or syntax, I’d love to get pull requests from you.

You can see it in “action” here (for tumblr4s):

IntelliJ GitHub Color Scheme